What's the Most Romantic Broadway Love Song Ever Written?
Over 85 of Your Favorites Tell Us...


What's Broadway without its never-ending parade of fabulous love songs? Broadway composers have been churning them out for decades, and to celebrate Valentine's Day Broadway Style, spoke to over 85 of your favorites from the Great White Way and beyond to find out what they thought was the most romantic Broadway love song ever written. Some answers just might surprise you!

Colm Wilkinson - Les Misérables, Phantom of the Opera

The most romantic song written for a musical in my opinion is "I Never Loved You'' from Cyrano de Bergerac starring Christopher Plummer. The song not only has beautiful emotional lyrics but a soaring melody that tears your heart out given the context of the piece. The song is placed in the final scene when Roxane finally realizes that it was Cyrano who had written the love letters to her and not Christian but Cyrano still tries to deny it by singing the incredibly moving line "I never loved you, My Dear love, not I" and it just breaks your heart ! Try it !

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